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Choctaw Nation


History, Process, Community, Resiliency, and Overcoming Historical Trauma
As the third largest tribe in the United States, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma spans 10 ½ counties in Southeastern Oklahoma and has more than 200,000 enrolled Tribal Members living across the world. Led by Chief Gary Batton, Assistant Chief Jack Austin, Jr., and the Tribal Council, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is dedicated to preserving the tribe’s history and traditions, while securing a viable future for generations to come.

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is an American Indian Tribe organized pursuant to the provision of the Act of June 26,1936-1949. Statute 7967. The Nation is federally recognized by the U.S. Government through the Secretary of the Interior. As a federally-recognized Indian Tribe, the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma is a Sovereign Government with inherent powers and attributes of sovereignty with the authority to perform governmental as well as businesslike functions.

We pride ourselves on preserving and celebrating our many unique traditions. From our distinctive language to our historical games like stickball, to our native dances and artwork, we not only want to pass these traditions on to our youth - We want to share them with all people.

The Division of Commerce supports the mission and vision of the Choctaw Nation by diligently working to provide financial sustainability through efficient and effective business operations. Through the years, the Nation has built high-profile, world-class gaming and hospitality destinations, but that's only part of the story. The Nation has a diverse portfolio of businesses that generate revenue, create jobs, and develop leaders. The Division of Commerce generates revenue to accelerate the success of the tribe. Our vision is to ensure every Choctaw a proud future. A team of driven, accountable optimists, we are honored to carry on the Choctaw heritage of determination, commitment, and community as we blaze trails to new business opportunities that generate revenue to support tribal services and their members.

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma manages a dazzling array of businesses, providing thousands of jobs. Our portfolio includes gaming sites, resorts and hotels, KOA and RV parks, restaurants franchises, a multi-million-dollar printing company, travel plazas, ranches and farms encompassing over 65,000 acres managing thousands of cattle and harvesting many tons of pecans; and our latest prize -- The Choctaw Country Market, opened in 2016.
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