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Choctaw Global Services Group (CGSG) is the entity that includes a diverse group of companies, wholly owned and operated by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, that provide services to the Government and commercial markets. Within CGSG's portfolio, our tribal-owned businesses support a blend of services and manufacturing, maintaining the utmost level of accountability for our clients. In addition to Choctaw Staffing Solutions, the CGSG umbrella includes:

Choctaw Construction Management
A full-service design-build construction company, focused on excellence from concept to completion for a broad range of clients. We have experience in all aspects of design, management, quality, and construction.

Choctaw Contracting Services
A premier provider of U.S. Government healthcare services. We recruit, credential, and employ healthcare practitioners who provide education and treatment services to Active-Duty Military personnel, their family members, and other eligible beneficiaries.

Choctaw Defense Manufacturing
A proven provider of engineering and LEAN economy-to-scale manufacturing solutions in support of our nation's Military Branches and Service Members. We are a truly American-made design-build firm, upholding the highest level of quality and performance.

Choctaw Defense Services
A full-service operations and management firm with the mission of providing comprehensive technical support services to enable seamless integration of procedures and staff support to client facilities to run smoothly.

Choctaw Global Investments
Choctaw Professional Resource Enterprise: A staffing agency that specializes in recruiting medical and ancillary services personnel who provide comprehensive diagnostic and medical treatment while working in general medical and surgical hospitals.

70 NE Loop 410
Suite 400
San Antonio, TX 78216

Toll Free: +1.877.267.3728
Main:  +1.210.341.3336

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